Boise Storage Tips: Keeping Your Furniture Safe

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There are plenty of reasons why you may need to store your furniture. Maybe you’re moving or you’ve just transformed a spare bedroom into a home office. Whatever the case may be, instead of getting rid of it, you may want to consider storing it. Ensuring your furniture stays in peak condition, however, is important. That’s why the storage experts at Boise Lockaway Storage would like to provide you with the following tips for storing furniture.

Store Furniture The Right Way

Clean it first. Never put dirty furniture into your Boise storage unit. Not only will you avoid mold and mildew, you’ll prevent any offensive odors that can develop during storage. For wooden furniture, a quick wipe down with a little soap (Murphy’s Oil Soap) and water can do the trick. Couches or seat cushions can also be cleaned with fabric or upholstery cleaner. However, it’s important to make sure everything is completely dry before storing it.

Take Everything Apart. Before you load your furniture to be stored, it’s important to disassemble anything to avoid damage. This includes furniture like desks, bookshelves, tables, and more. Doing so will make the moving and storage process much easier. However, it’s important to put any screws, bolts or other small items in a labeled bag to be stored alongside the furniture it belongs.

Cover It Up. You should never leave furniture uncovered during storage. Instead, use old sheets or blankets and cover pieces to protect them from dust and moisture. Never use thick plastic as it can seal in moisture.

Protect Glass Furniture. Furniture like glass tabletops and mirrors require some extra precautions. First, take the time to wrap glass items with packing paper. However, it’s important not to tape the paper directly to the glass. Next, cover it with bubble wrap to cushion it before placing it in a secure location in your Boise storage unit.

Raise The Floor. You should never place furniture directly on the ground of your Boise storage unit. Instead, make use of pallets to raise the floor to add an extra layer of protection against flooding. Even a drop cloth or a layer of cardboard is better than nothing.

Don’t Over Stuff. Last but not least you don’t want to overstuff your Boise storage unit. Doing so is a surefire way to break something valuable. Not only will you risk knocking things over, pieces of furniture can be bent or damaged. Instead, try to keep your storage unit clean and decluttered to protect everything inside.

Boise Lockaway Storage

A little time and organization go a long way to keeping your furniture safe during storage. If you would like more information or storage tips, contact the on-site managers at Boise Lockaway Storage. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as offer you the peace of mind, knowing your belongings will be safe during storage.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, easy-to-access storage facility, visit us at 5246 West Chinden Blvd in Garden City or contact us at (208) 322-4487 today!

Start The New Year Off Early With Lockaway Storage!

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2017 is drawing to a close, and 2018 is almost here. Have you thought about the new year resolutions you want to make? Now is a great time to start 2018 off early with Lockaway Storage!

Set The Year Off Right

A great way to set the year for 2018 is by setting the stage for productivity and happiness in your home. One way of doing this is by clearing out all the unnecessary items in your house. Perhaps you have some summer items that you don’t need cluttering up your garage or some memorabilia taking up your closets. While you could definitely use the extra space, you might not know what to do with them.

Bring all your extra items for secure, affordable storage at Lockaway Storage! Your home will feel much more manageable, plus it will be easier to clean when you don’t have a bunch of clutter taking up space.

Come to Lockaway Storage

Your home will look and feel fantastic when you bring your extra items to Lockaway Storage. So many people throughout the Treasure Valley have found that Lockaway Storage is the best place to store their stuff. We offer a variety of Boise storage sizes at affordable rates. Stop by today to take a free tour and ask our on-site managers any questions you may have. Whether you need something small or large, we have the storage unit to meet your needs.

Advantages Of Lockaway Storage

  • Easy Access
  • Affordable Rates
  • A Variety of Storage Sizes
  • On-Site Storage Management
  • Free Disc Lock With Your Storage Rental
  • Fully Fenced Storage Facility
  • Computerized Gate/Keypad – Both Entry & Exit Points
  • Individual Alarms Available
  • And more!

Feel Good About Renting At Lockaway Storage

Not only will you feel great having a home that is clean and clear of clutter but you’ll have more space. At Lockaway Storage, we’re not like every other Boise storage facility that doesn’t treat their renters to the time and attention they deserve. Instead, we strive to make sure you get the most out of your storage experience while meeting your individual storage needs.

Stop by at 5246 West Chinden Boulevard in Garden City or contact us at (208) 322-4487 today!


Tired of Expensive Boise Storage Rates? Rent from Lockaway Storage!

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Are you tired of paying expensive rates to store your stuff? Do you frequently receive rent increases from your Boise storage company? Then it’s time to declare your freedom from expensive storage rates by renting a storage unit at Lockaway Storage.

Benefits of Lockaway Storage

Trust Lockaway storage for all your Boise storage needs in the Treasure Valley. We are conveniently located at 5246 West Chinden Boulevard in Garden City. You’ll not only find our rates affordable, we have many security features our tenants find helpful.

These include:

  • On-Site Storage Manager
  • Free Disc Lock With Your Storage Rental
  • Fully Fenced Storage Facility
  • Computerized Gate/Keypad – Both Entry & Exit Points
  • Individual Alarms Available
  • And more!

We have over 500+ storage units in various sizes. Whether you need economical or premium storage for personal or business needs, Lockaway Storage offers clean units in well lighted, controlled access facilities at an affordable price. Not sure what size storage you need? Come view our storage sizes in person at our facility or use or self-storage size comparison chart to estimate which storage unit size would be right for you.

Monthly Rates

Everyone loves a discount and at Lockaway Storage we do too. When you’re shopping around for self-storage, don’t settle for less. There are so many perks to renting a storage unit at Lockaway Storage. Know you’ll get the best deal in town and that your space will be clean, secure and ready for move-in.

Check out our rates:

Storage Unit Size Size Comparison Monthly Rate
4’ X 10’ Small Walk-in Closet $39
5’ X 10’ Large Walk-in Closet $49
9’ X 10’ Small Bedroom/Office $69
11’ X 16’ Large Bedroom $89
13’ X 16’ Bonus Room 104
10’ X 30’ Oversized 1 Car Garage $134
16’ X 32’ Detached Workshop $219
12’ X 40’ Limited space available, call for rates & additional details

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Lockaway Storage has been rated 5 stars by our customers. We have received many testimonials that express appreciation for our Boise storage services. Check out our reviews from our recent tenants. We’re confident that you’ll also find that renting a storage unit at Lockaway Storage is a completely worthwhile experience.

Get in touch! Stop by our Garden City facility or contact us at (208) 322-4487 to reserve your Boise storage unit at Lockaway Storage today!

Boise Storage: Getting Rid of Unwanted Possessions

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In our previous blog, we talked about ways to help you reduce clutter and bring order to your storage unit storage. In today’s post, however, the storage experts at Lockaway Storage would like to go a step further and provide you with some pointers on what to do with your unwanted belongings once you decide on what to get rid of.

Cleaning Out Your Boise Storage Unit

While storing seasonal items you use periodically throughout the year, it’s easy to accumulate new things over time. Because of this, it’s important to get rid of old belongings that are just taking up room. In addition to freeing up space in your storage unit, you can make a little money off your unwanted items or donate to help others who could use them.

Consignment Shops

In Boise, there are a variety of consignment shops that will help you sell your belongings. Whether its furniture, artwork or clothes, consignment stores are locally owned businesses that charge a small fee as compensation for selling your items. Simply find a store that stocks the items like the ones you are looking to sell, and ask them about their terms and conditions.

Sell Online

Online sites like Craigslist and eBay can help you sell just about anything from electronics to kitchenware. Local buy/sale/trade groups on Facebook and Twitter are also popular online marketplaces that allow you to advertise and set your own price and pickup terms. However, if you suspect some of your belongings may be particularly valuable, it’s important to get an appraisal or do your research online to find out what they are worth.

Throw a Yard Sale

Throwing a yard sale is a good way to sell a lot of items all at once. However, you will need to carefully plan a good time and post signs around your neighborhood or advertise online. A yard sale is also a good way to set our own price without having to worry about shipping or meeting people to pick up different items.


If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to sell your belongings, you may want to consider donating it. While you won’t get anything in return, you can feel good knowing your unwanted items may be something special for someone else. If you have things you’re tired of storing or hauling around, consider donating them to a local charity like Goodwill, or the Salvation Army.

Store the Uncertain

While selling or donating certain items can help you declutter and make some extra cash, you may want to hold onto things you’re uncertain about. In fact, there is nothing worse than getting rid of something you wish you still had. If you have belongings you’re not quite ready to get rid of, keep them in your storage unit and revisit them, later on, to see if you still want them.

Boise Lockaway Storage

A little time and organization go a long way to creating a storage solution that saves you time, money and space. If you would like more information about ways to simplify things, contact the on-site managers at Boise Lockaway Storage. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as offer you the peace of mind, knowing your belongings will be safe until you decide what to do with them.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, easy-to-access storage facility, visit us at 5246 West Chinden Blvd in Garden City or contact us at (208) 322-4487 today!

Reducing Clutter: Cleaning Your Storage Unit

At Boise Lockaway Storage, we understand that storage needs change. Sometimes Aunt Betsy’s rocking chair becomes more of an obstacle than a family heirloom. Or perhaps that box of old clothes you thought you might need someday – you just don’t want anymore. That’s why we’d like to provide you with the following tips to help reduce clutter and bring order to your storage unit.

Strategies for Decluttering Your Storage Unit

Take a Basic Inventory

If your storage unit has become a cluttered mess, chances are you probably don’t remember everything inside. In fact, it’s quite common for people to forget what’s inside their storage units because they are too overwhelmed with stacks of unmarked boxes. Instead of getting frustrated, take a basic inventory of what’s inside by looking things over. Taking a rough inventory of your belongings will help you decide what you really want to keep and what you don’t.

Review Your Goals

Once you have a basic inventory, it’s time to plan for the future. What are your short and long-term goals? Do you really need all your old college textbooks? How about that pottery wheel you’ve never used? Then get rid of anything unrelated to those goals. Make a pile of the things you won’t be needing that you can either donate, sell or throw away.

Purge The Garbage

Between moves, it’s not uncommon to toss everyday items we use in a box and forget about them. This includes things like soap, shampoo’s, or even a mega jar (half full) of uneaten cheese puffs. Keep in mind, things like these can and do expire. If you haven’t touched these items in over a year, it’s probably time to throw them out.

Store Smart

When you have a self-storage unit, it’s important to use it for items that are necessary. Self-storage is where you can store your seasonal equipment you don’t use all year long that can take up space in your closets or garage. Don’t use it to store items you will never use but don’t know what to do with. Instead, take the time to divorce yourself from items that are weighing you down and costing you money.

Boise Lockaway Storage

At Boise Lockaway Storage, our on-site managers are here to help and provide you with a variety of storage organization ideas. Whether you need a large storage unit or a smaller one, we can provide you with a suitable size depending on your individual needs. If you have additional questions, contact us at (208) 322-4487 or stop by at 5246 West Chinden Blvd in Garden City.

Lockaway Storage Tips For Organizing Your Boise Storage Unit

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So you’ve rented a storage unit and feel confident that the experts at Lockaway Storage have found you the perfect size based on your needs. Now what? Once you arrive at our storage facility, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to get it all in. While it may seem like a challenging game of Tetris, it’s really about how often you will need to access your things.

Frequent Access

If you plan on assessing your storage unit regularly, it’s important to create a pathway to the back of the unit. Then you will want to start placing items you won’t be needing towards the back while items you plan on accessing frequently towards the front. Shelving also helps to organize your storage unit by making items more accessible.

Infrequent Access

If you don’t plan on assessing your storage unit regularly, then you have the choice to rent a smaller amount of space and pack it full. If you pack the unit high, it will also hold more. Keep in mind, however, that it’s important to place heavy items on the bottom with more fragile items on the top.

General Storage Tips

Below are some general storage tips that can help you organize your items based on how often they will need to be accessed:

  • Never place sharp or heavy items on top of upholstered furniture. Also, make sure to cover your furniture with a sheet or blanket to reduce its exposure to dust.
  • When stacking your belongings, it’s important to place heavy items on the bottom with light or odd-shaped items towards to the top. To make this process easier, you can mark your boxes ahead of time as light, medium, or heavy while packing. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be careful not to stack too many items on heavy boxes full of fragile items.
  • To help save space and take advantage of the height of your storage unit, stand sofas and larger items on end. Later you can remove the cushions and place them on top before using the space where the cushions once were to place additional boxes.
  • When storing tables, remove the legs if possible and lean the tabletop sideways on a blanket to reduce scratching. To keep important items together, you can always tape a ziplock bag full of mounts and screws to the inside of the table.
  • Never place wood on wood without a cloth or cardboard layer in between the pieces.
  • When storing dressers, utilize the space of the drawers to store smaller items. However, the drawers should always be empty during transit.
  • To make things easier to access, make a list of box contents and a diagram of where you placed them in storage. Taking a video or a series of pictures can also help you record the contents.

Lockaway Storage

At Lockaway Storage, we strive to help make the self-storage process as stress-free as possible. By following the tips we provided above, we hope to save you the time and hassle of accessing your items to easily find what you need. For additional packing tips or information about our storage facility, contact us at (208) 322-4487. Our on-site managers would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have while providing you with advice to help ease the self-storage process.

Choosing The Right Boise Storage Unit For Your Needs

One of the most important factors in choosing a Boise storage facility is deciding what size storage unit you will need to store your belongings. But how do you determine what size to rent? At Lockaway Storage, our on-site managers are self-storage experts and are happy to provide you with advice without trying to sell you more than you need. If you’re more of a “do-it-yourself” type, we’d like to provide you with the following information to help you choose the right size depending on your personal or business storage requirements.

Take Stock

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is “what are you storing?” Answering this question will help you pick the right Boise storage size for your needs. Take a quick inventory of all the items you plan to store, including furniture, appliances and an estimated number of boxes. For larger items, you can quickly measure how big they are using a tape measurer. Also, take the time to consider how many irregular-shaped items you have that can’t be boxed or stacked.

To Stuff or Not to Stuff?

When it comes to accessing your Boise storage unit, you’ll need to figure out if you’re planning on storing it for the long run or if you will need a slightly larger unit to walk around and find items. For those who plan on storing everything until they come back for it, you probably won’t need as big of a space. However, if you will need to access certain items at different times, you may need a larger unit to create an aisle instead of taking everything out in order to find what you’re looking for.

When in Doubt, Go Big

At Lockaway Storage, we’ve seen plenty of clients who’ve underestimated their needs by choosing a storage unit that’s too small. Instead, our on-site manager recommends inquiring about the rates of the next size up to ensure you’ll have the space you need. That way you can assess your stuff much more easily. This will also prevent the hassle of having to dig out your belongings to find what you need before repacking your storage which can take hours.

Unit Size Breakdown

5′ x 5′ Storage Unit

Comparison: Small walk-in closet
What Fits: Smaller furniture, a few small boxes,  miscellaneous items

5′ x 10′ Storage Unit

Comparison: Large walk-in closet
What Fits: Sofa, chairs, bedroom furniture and smaller boxes

9 x 10′ Storage Unit

Comparison: Small bedroom/office
What Fits: Stuff from a 1 bedroom house

11′ x 16′ Storage Unit

Comparison: Large bedroom
What Fits: Stuff from a 2 bedroom home

13′ x 16′ Storage Unit

Comparison: Bonus room
What Fits: Stuff from a 2-3 bedroom home – including several boxes

10′ x 30′ Storage Unit

Comparison: Oversized 1 car garage or bonus room
What Fits: Stuff from a 2-3 bedroom home – including several boxes

16′ x 32′ Storage Unit

Comparison: Detached workshop
What Fits: Car; contents from a 4 bedroom home – including several boxes; business inventory

Lockaway Storage

It’s important to take inventory of all of the items that you plan to store. This will help you determine what size of Boise storage unit will fit your needs depending on the unit size breakdown listed above. If you have additional questions or would like to visit our facility, our on-site managers at Lockaway Storage would be more than happy to answer any questions you may and find a unit size that’s right for you. Contact us at (208) 322-4487 or visit us at 5246 W Chinden Boulevard in Garden City.

Boise Storage Moving Tips From Lockaway Storage

Bose storage

Let’s face it. Moving can be stressful. In fact, it’s not something we look forward to because it usually involves a large amount of work. However, when approached the right way, moving can be easier than you think. That’s why Lockaway Storage would like to provide you with the following Boise storage moving tips to help you simplify the process before you start packing.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Why take the time and effort to move things you no longer want or need? This includes household items, clothes, and even furniture. If it’s not something you want to haul around, save yourself the time of having to pack, move, and unpack it by simply getting rid of it. Additionally, if your unwanted items are in good shape, you may want to consider donating them to a local charity like Goodwill, or the Salvation Army.

Make a List and Get Organized

If a move is in your future, take the time to get organized before things get chaotic. Create a to-do list to help you remember what needs to be done and what items need to be packed. This will help considerably before the big day. Save yourself the stress and headache of trying to get things done at the last minute by prioritizing and scheduling different parts of your move.

Grab Extra Packing and Moving Supplies

Having plenty of boxes, tape, scissors and packing supplies will help simplify the moving process. Don’t wait to start searching for supplies at the last minute. Try to get everything you’ll need at your local hardware store or Boise storage facility ahead of time. Doing so will provide you with the time you need to pack everything without having to stop what you’re doing to grab supplies.

Label like a Pro

It may seem like a tedious task, but taking the time to label your boxes will save you the enormous headache of trying to figure out what’s inside and where they should go. The more specific you are, the faster you’ll be able to get them stored or unpacked.

Load the Way You Live

When loading your items into the moving truck, it’s important to load the way you live to make the unloading process easier. The most efficient way to do this is to load the moving truck with items based upon the intended location of their labels. That way everything moves together and stays together without getting lost during the move.

Store the Way You Move

Anything you can live without during the process of moving should be packed and stored in your Boise storage unit. This will help you strategize and organize your new home during the unpacking process. Additionally, store your items in a way they can be easily accessed. Making an aisle will allow you to access a box without having to move everything out of the way. It’s also important to place any boxes with the things you’re most likely to need in the near future at the front part of your storage unit.

Lockaway Storage

Whether you’re moving into a new house or apartment, these tips can help ease the process. If you’re looking for a storage unit to store your items during a move, stop by Lockaway Storage today. Our on-site manager would be more than happy to show you around, tell you about our current rates and offers while answering any questions you may have. We are conveniently located at 5246 W Chinden Blvd in Garden City.

Contact us at (208) 322-4487 today!

Boise Storage Tips For Getting Organized this Fall

Boise storage

Fall is officially here, and you may find yourself with a bit more time and space now that school’s back in session. Perhaps with this free time, you’ve been thinking about organized and decluttering your home. At Lockaway Storage, we understand how nice it can be to simplify, knowing where everything you need is. However, we also know how frustrating it can be when you have all sorts of stuff cluttering up your space. That’s why we’d like to provide you with the following Boise storage tips to organize your home just in time for winter.

Not Enough Space

Once you get started organizing your garage, closets, cabinets, etc., you’ll quickly find yourself with a bunch of excess stuff you don’t know what to do with. Sure you could have a garage sale before the weather turns cold but that takes time and effort, not to mention there’s probably a whole assortment of things you’ll want to keep. This includes Christmas decorations, keepsakes, kid stuff, seasonal gear, etc. However, most of these things take up a lot of room sitting in boxes somewhere when you don’t use them on a regular basis. Instead, imagine being able to store the stuff you don’t always use without cluttering up your home. That’s where Lockaway Storage comes in.

Boise Storage Solutions

Bring your extra items to Lockaway Storage. We’ll gladly rent you one of our clean, convenient, affordable storage units for however long you need. Whether it’s for a couple of months or longer, your home will feel bigger and easier to manage when you have less items cluttering up your rooms and closets. In fact, fall is the perfect time to clear out any excess items you don’t use on a regular basis and store them at Lockaway Storage before winter sets in.

Why Choose Lockaway Storage

While there are a bunch of different Boise storage facilities in the Treasure Valley – why choose Lockaway Storage? The answer is simple with the following advantages:

  • On-Site Storage Manager
  • Free Disc Lock With Your Storage Rental
  • Fully Fenced Storage Facility
  • Computerized Gate/Keypad – Both Entry & Exit Points
  • Individual Alarms Available
  • And more!

In fact, we’ll not only help you with all your storage needs, we will assist you with a large variety of storage solutions with the best customer service possible. Not only do we get to know you by name, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have while making your rental experience with us the best it can be.

Ready to Get Organized?

With the kids back in school, now is the perfect time to get organized and simplify your home. At Lockaway Storage, we can provide you with a wide variety of unit sizes to help preserve the integrity of your items while ensuring all your storage needs are met. If you are unsure of what size unit you may need, contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have while assisting you in determining what storage option is best based on your individual needs.

Call (208) 322-4487 or stop by to rent your storage unit today. We’re located at 5246 W. Chinden Blvd in Garden City. 

Store Your Summer Items At Lockaway Storage!

With school back in session, summer is slowly coming to an end. Along with the changing color of the leaves you may also find yourself facing the challenge of packing away your summer items. If you find that you simply don’t have the room or want to avoid overstuffing your garage, Lockaway Storage offers a safe, secure, and well-maintained storage facility to ensure your summer possessions are well protected during the fall and winter months.

Summer Storage Items:

Pool Toys

Unless you have an indoor pool, it’s unlikely you will be swimming anytime after September. Now is a good time to assess your pool toys and supplies by rinsing them off, deflating and packing them away. Other outdoor items like patio furniture, gardening supplies, volleyball nets, and basketball hoops are things you may also want to consider storing until next year.

Summer Sports Equipment

Fall is also a good time to pack away any summer sports equipment that you won’t be using over the winter months. Bicycles, kayaks, rafts, life vests, fishing gear and other summer sports equipment can be stored away without taking up valuable space in your home or garage.

Camping Gear

Unless you are an avid camper or hunter, you probably won’t need the majority of your camping gear until next spring or summer. Free up space in your home or garage by storing tents, sleeping bags, camping stoves, coolers, air mattresses and other outdoor equipment.

College Kid Stuff

With a child off to college, you may be in the process of reclaiming his (or) her room for a home office or guest room. The problem? Even when they’re gone they probably still have lots of things left around the house. Instead of cluttering up the garage, why not store their clothes, sentimental items, and non-essentials at Lockaway Storage until they are ready for them?

Why Lockaway Storage?

Don’t let your home or garage fill up with things you won’t be using until next year. While there are plenty of storage facilities throughout the Treasure Valley, Lockaway Storage is the best place to store all your summer items. Our facility is well-equipped with various safety features to make sure your items are secure 24/7 along with an on-site manager to provide you with a friendly, familiar face to help simplify the self-storage process.

Want more information? Contact us at (208) 322-4487. Our on-site manager would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have while helping you determine the right size of unit for all your summer storage needs.